Lewisham Southwark College has developed these resources as part of the Learning Futures Programme, commissioned and funded by the Education and Training Foundation. We have created a variety of staff training resources to help staff monitor, motivate and track students working online. All of the resources are downloadable and free to adapt/use within your own organisation.

The project was inspired by the “Driving Value into Learning Technology Support Programmes Report 2014” which referred to the fact that “the new 10% target for online learning by 2015, will be testing for many providers”; and by one of the key headlines of the FELTAG report that “The entire workforce has to be brought up to speed to fully understand the potential of learning technology.”

It is a staff CPD programme to develop teachers’ skills in designing and applying blended learning tools and techniques. A key element of the programme includes the redesign of curriculum content into blended learning outputs. It has the following core components:

  • an Individual Skills Audit;
  • an online Moodle course called BlendingIn that introduces the concept and principles of Blended Learning;
  • a CPD programme including a Moodle course featuring "how to" guides.

The programme is delivered as blended learning with supplementary one to one sessions

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